About Us

Comin, a leading professional paper cups manufacture. Many innovations have been brought to the market,such as Repped hot paper cup,double-wall paper cup and accessories.It is a cost effective way of carrying hot beverage. Comin provides a range of packaging designed specifically for the needs of popular coffee-to-go industry.

Strategically focused on providing excellent production and customer service, Comin invests the time required to ensure total customer satisfaction. To increase the ability of produce and arrange the production plan in reason, to ensure customers of all sizes are assured of efficient delivery.

Strongly committed to environmentally sound practices at all sites, ensuring where possible the re-use and recycling of materials, safe disposal of waste and waste minimisation throughout all processes.

Our core value:

Sincerity: Prestige is the most precious wealth. To treat each customer sincerely and gain the customers’ trust are the standards to measure our success.
Innovation: Design creatively and develop products conforming to the environmental protection requirements, taking market as lead and demand as guidance.
Profession: Strict production specifications, elite production equipment, advanced production process, outstanding professionals, ensuring to provide high quality products.
Efficiency: Make fast response to customers’ needs, and implement customers’ orders efficiently.
Share: Share the company success with the employees and share the payback of the products with the customers.